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TikTok Marketing for your Brand Marketing Strategy


The short-form video content that you, me, and most folks around us love to scroll down originated from TikTok. Today, with over 1.60 Billion users worldwide, the platform has not been around for a decade. The other platforms might claim it is just for the Teens, the Z’s taking part in the hashtags challenges and making pranks, but the numbers claim that the platform is the 6th most populous Social Media platform globally.

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With the increasing staggering numbers globally of the platform, marketers must recognize the platform’s impact on their Brand Marketing Strategy. Brands that have integrated TikTok into their strategy can directly reach a younger audience (Gen Z) and increase brand awareness by creating innovative and engaging content for and leveraging the power of Short-Form video content.

Let us dive into how brands leverage TikTok in their Brand Marketing Strategy and reach the billions of folks scrolling and acting worldwide.

Why do Marketers Love TikTok? Unleashing the Power of TikTok for Brand Strategies.

With TikTok’s massive fan base and fascinating features, the platform offers marketers a list of opportunities to leverage it in their strategy.

Brand Marketing Strategy

In the universe of TikTok, marketers can strategically leverage its impact in three significant ways:

Influencer Partnering

Influencer partnering is defined as brands partnering with influencers on a platform to amplify brand awareness and reach a broader audience.

By collaborating with different influencers, brands get direct access to the creator’s fanbase, allowing them to give their brand access to millions resulting in Brand Awareness and adding credibility. With their in-depth knowledge of the platform, the influencers creatively transfer the brand’s message and help brands to extend their offerings and awareness to their followers.

Hashtag Challenge

Hashtags challenges are a relatively new concept, and we have seen that from the fundraising concept with the #IceBucketChallenge to the #ThePushupChallenge to the Colgate #MakeMomSmile challenge.

In recent times Brands have understood the power of Hashtag challenges and have begun creating their own. The Hashtags challenges are often simple and invite users to share everyday moments like performing a basic dance or executing an outfit challenge.

TikTok Ads

With the app’s immense popularity and high usage, incorporating TikTok paid advertising in brands’ social media marketing strategy is the best way to proceed.

Using TikTok’s advertising platform TikTok for Business, brands can leverage TikTok paid ads to target audiences with specific demographics and characteristics. It allows brands to use various ad formats, including in-feed ads, Brand Takeover ads, or Branded Hashtag ads.

Winning the Digital Game

How the Big Power-houses Are Killing Using the TikTok World?

Let me give you a ride through the powerhouses in Brand Marketing strategy who have mastered the art of leveraging the dance-filled platform of TikTok.



Sports is one of the most loved categories of the short-form video platform. In 2019 NFL and TikTok shake hands for a multi-year partnership to Score Global Fan Frenzy.

The NFL integrated TikTok into its Brand Marketing strategy by launching its 100th WOrldWide Hashtag Challenge #WeReady.

The campaign boosts the NFL’s brand awareness by encouraging fans to share their excitement and team spirit before each game. This helps the NFL reach a wider audience, especially Gen Z and teenage fans, creating anticipation and expanding their presence on the growing platform.



The point to be noted for Dunkin TikTok marketing is that it has the benefit of being early in the hunt. Dunkin was the first to realize the platform’s potential and has given other brands the pathway that takes brands to win over consumers.

Dunkin was the first to realize the importance of influencer marketing, as they collaborated with the most followed profile with over 150 million followers, Charlie D’Amelio. They even released a limited-time offer drink after her name, selling hundreds and thousands of Charies-named drinks.



Chipotle is an American chain of fast-casual restaurants operating in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Canada. They officially entered the TikTok market in 2018, focusing mainly on user-generated content.

Their overall brand strategy shied away from the traditional way. Instead, their marketing strategy focused on UGC and a more casual vibe, such as sharing short-form videos of users sharing Chipotle’s favorite dine-in moment or step-by-step recipes of the favorite dishes they love.

p.s. The way to pronounce Chipotle is ‘chee-poht-lay’.

The Point of Being Tik-Noted

The above discussed are The Powerhouse Brands – The National Football League with a 2021 revenue of over $17 billion, Dunkin with an annual sale of over $9 Billion in accordance to 2018, and Chipotle with yearly revenue of over $8 Billion as accordance to 2022 data.

Despite their immense popularity and huge market presence, these powerhouses realize the importance of the TikTok market and leverage the platform’s reach and engagement in their Brand Marketing Strategy.

So the only question that my team at the iCreativeStudio, and over 1.60 Billion users of TikTok, had on their minds is when your brand will integrate the colossal sensation platform with your brand.

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