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How To Do SEO Competitor Analysis In 2022

How To Do SEO Competitor Analysis In 2022

SEO Competitor Analysis In 2022

New businesses and their websites are growing every day, resultantly the competition is getting fierce day by day. Businesses are employing SEO strategies to get business from their competitors. Two-thirds of clicks on websites come from the top 5 search engines like Google and Bing. Businesses use high-quality content, technical SEO, and strict SEO strategies. But it doesn’t guarantee the traffic that they expect. Unfortunately, 90% of businesses do not get search traffic from Google. The SEO competition is getting tough with each day passing by.

Whatever your line of business is, you are going to have strict competition. You have to identify what your competitors are doing. Then apply the same strategy for your SEO analysis, or try to do it better than them. Only, in that case, you will achieve the desired traffic on your website. This is where you have to deal with SEO competition analysis!

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In this article below, we have discussed how to do a successful SEO competitor analysis and get your website on the right track. First, let us understand what an SEO competition analysis is? And why is it so important in 2022?

What is SEO Competition Analysis?

It is the process that involves identifying your competitor’s links, content, keywords, and the relevant strategies that they are employing. Instead of researching what keywords to use, where to backlink, and details about the content. You should look at what is working for your competitors and come up with a better strategy.

What would you do if you had a physical store and you are planning to increase customers’ footfall? Firstly, you would visit your competitor’s store physically and then, identify what they are implementing that you are missing in your business. Think of your website like that, visit your competitor’s websites and identify their SEO research analysis and SEO tools that they are implementing.

Why is SEO Competition Analysis so Important?

The process of SEO competition analysis provides you with all the relevant information regarding the SEO techniques and strategies of your competitors. Thorough research in your niche will make you aware of the latest SEO updates and tools that you can use to uplift your website.

Though, It is not always guaranteed that your competitors’ plan will work out for you too. You still have to do keyword research and identify where your competitor is linking their website to get high rankings.

We have discussed a step-by-step guide on how you can get a competitive edge on your competitors by doing an SEO competitor analysis:

Step-By-Step Guide for an SEO Competitor Analysis:

1. Identify Competitors:

Before getting into anything, first, you have to identify your possible competitors. They can be your direct or indirect competitors, competing for your keyword. Compile a list of the competitors. It will be the perfect start for your competition analysis. Now go to Google and ask for all the relevant information of your competitors, you can easily find it on SEO analysis tools such as Ahrefs. List down your keywords, products, and services that you offer, other specific elements related to your brand niche. Now Google them carefully, you will find all of the required information over there.

2. Analyse Competitors’ Keywords:

This step involves the analysis of your competitors’ keywords. Those keywords for which your competitors are trying to get traffic. With this information, you can drive their traffic to your website, later. Keywords are one of the very important elements of your SEO strategy. You should focus on the keywords that are relevant to your business, have a larger search volume, and do not require heavy efforts to rank them. You have to consider both the short-tail and long-tail keywords of your competitors.

Identifying your target audience is one of the crucial steps in Keywords Analysis. You have to know them well and what they are interested in. Create well-crafted buyer personas of your customers that explain each level of your customer’s lifecycle, from being exposed to your brand to post-purchase behavior. It will help you to get the right keywords and drive traffic from your competitor to your website.

3. Evaluate Competitor’s Content:

Keywords are undoubtedly one of the most important elements in your SEO strategy. But the content also holds major importance in the process. Go through the content that your rivals use to get higher rankings and implement those on your website. High-Quality content plays a key role in ranking websites higher. Similarly bad and irrelevant content might mark you spam according to Google algorithms.

You should carve your content very intelligently, meanwhile keeping an eye on the content of top players of your industry. SEO competitive analysis is highly based on quality content.

4. Assess their Backlink Profiles:

All of your SEO strategies and efforts on keywords, and the content will go in vain if you are not backlinking your website in the right place. Backlinks are one of the major factors which help to rank your website higher. Also, you will be putting a lot of effort into ranking if your competitors have a strong backlink profile. To closely compete with your competitors, you have to research the strong backlink sources that can help you drive higher traffic to your website. Keeping an eye on your competitors’ sources of backlinks will help in the process.

5. Analysis of Technical SEO:

This step of SEO Competitor Analysis involves the audit of technical aspects of your website in comparison to your competitors’. Making your website faster, easier to crawl for Google, and unambiguous for search engines are a few of the most important elements of technical SEO.

Internal linking plays an important role in making your website technically optimized. It allows search engines like Google to find, index, and then rank the pages of a website. Google pays high importance to utilizing recognizable anchor texts, specifically for internal links.

Takeaway Notes:

Right SEO of a website is the most important element of any Digital Marketing Strategy. Just creating a website and leaving it idle doesn’t bring traffic to it. Hence, you have to put an ongoing effort to make your website rank higher. SEO competitor analysis plays a vital role in the process. iCreativeSol provides the best digital marketing solutions in the industry. Don’t have time to spy on your competitors? Leave it to us, while you focus on the core business.


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