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Nike Custom Logo Design Evolution Till 2022

Nike Custom Logo Design Evolution Till 2022

You may remember logo designs that have been here for ages but somehow still appeal to every generation that comes along. A logo design may be some graphic design to some, but for the company, it represents their company. There are so many things that go into a custom logo design that brings out the finished look. Looking at Nike custom logo design, it may not look like much but it has its own history and meaning. 

 Brands like Adidas, Nike, Mcdonald’s, and Pepsi have made their mark in their respective industry. They have little to no competition when a man who prefers luxury will not opt for anything below that standard. Although the products and services play a massive part in building the brand, there is a lot of focus on the custom logo design which is presented everywhere. With one look at the invention, the consumer knows without a doubt which brand it is.

Although some brands have made their custom logo designs very complicated, there are some that kept theirs very minimalistic but still rule the market nevertheless. Companies like Nike have made their name by maintaining their brand representations and therefore are serving people worldwide. Nike has been around for more than 51 years.

Creating a custom logo design should incorporate all you need to represent the world. Therefore, you can hire the best professional custom logo design company like iCreativeSOL to adhere to your needs and requirements. Our experienced and skilled designer can construct a logo that is according to your vision.

However, you should have some knowledge about not only what you want but how the eventual result is going to look. It would be best if you communicated to your custom logo design what you want, and they can do the heavy lifting for you.

Nike custom logo design’s meaning

The Nike swoosh logo design is relatively simple. It is just a good sign that spreads across. However, it has multiple meanings behind it. It is one of the most visually pleasing custom logo designs. It is one of the major reasons why people are attracted to buy their products.

Did you know that Nike owns more than 62 per cent of the sports shoe market? The swoosh sign has an identity of its own as it is so distinguishable and popular.

It was first known as blue ribbon sports, but it changed into Nike in 1971. The company was launched by Bill Boerman and Phil Knight back in 1964, and the headquarters in Oregon, in Washington county.

The brand caters to people all around the world and therefore has more than 44000 people working for them and almost 700 outlets spread far and wide around the globe that sell various sports products with creative packaging.

Nike’s emblem is one of the most recognized in History. The swoosh has its own meaning and purpose together alongside the tagline: “Just do it.”

Nike custom logo design history

The first Nike custom logo design was designed by Carolyn Davidson, who was a student at Portland State University. This is where one of Nike’s founders was. Phil Knight was an accounting professor. He paid Davidson only 35 dollars for her creation. The simple design has changed and walked through time.

You would have never thought that Nike’s swoosh sign and the brand name itself had any more meaning than it showcases. However, that is not the case. The brand name has been derived from an ancient Greek goddess known as Nike. According to legends, she won various wars, and therefore the founders were inspired by it. Moreover, the swoosh sign was also a feature taken from her wings as a sign of mobility, speed, and power.

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Nike’s Early Years

Bill Bowerman, who was one of the founders of the company, was a sportsman himself. He loved to run and was constantly trying to better his athletes with his guidance. Phil Knight, the second partner, was part of Bill’s field program. In addition to that, he went to study at Stanford University and earned an MBA.

They both sat down and analyzed how shoes that were manufactured in Japan were the one main competition at that time. Knight even wrote a detailed research paper on the subject. Moreover, they also thought about how shoe technology could be improved.

 With the help of Knight’s paper and Bowerman’s constant efforts to make affordable yet comfortable and safe shoes for his athletes, they turned Bowerman’s deal into reality. However, there was a time when the original models did not work out.

Knight discussed this with his investors but had to come up with his own ideas. when he had a conversation about them with Bowerman, they both decided to team up and build a business together.

Nike – A Growing Enterprise

first Nike logo design

At first, the company grew under the name of Blue Ribbon Shoes. They soon realized that their future lay in manufacturing. They were already in direct sales and distribution and moved to expand their business further. This was the first step in building a shoe manufacturing company known as Nike. This was also the time they also introduced the infamous swoosh Nike custom logo design.

These were the two factors that played a vital role in the success of the brand. All this time, the two founders never stopped experimenting with shoe technology so as to make the athlete’s life easier. They wanted to manufacture the best athletic shoes, which is why they were able to produce a number of designs.

Nike was smart enough to boost the brand by endorsing the shoes through famous athletes like Michael Jordan and Roger Federer.

Steve Prefontaine, a fantastic long-distance runner, wore Nike shoes and did exceptionally well at the Munich Olympics back in 1972.


Nike logo design in 1971

This is the year when the initial Nike custom logo design did not appeal to one of the founders that is Knight. However, he still decided to go with them, considering that it would be accepted over time.

Let’s go through all the years that Nike has tweaked its custom logo design in order to improve itself and keep up with the times.


Nike logo 1978

This was the year when you, the designers, started to change the font of the typography. This one had more of a geometric shape. In the end, this new design had the E run into the swoosh sign. In addition to that, the spacing between the letters was different and, therefore, intriguing.


Nike 1985 logo

For some time, the Nike custom logo design incorporated a square shape. However, this arrangement did not last long. This was also when Nike started supporting athletes like Michael Jordan.

This was also the year when the company decided to add its catchphrase “let’s do it.” The words were taken from a serial killer who said this line before he was executed.


Nike 1995

In the 1995 Nike logo design, the brand did not include the brand’s name, and the swoosh was left to represent the brand. This was the  Nike custom logo design that showcased speed, quality, and athleticism. This logo design is the representation that even simple logo marks can have an impact on a large audience as most people think that making a simple logo design would deem them unrecognizable and not appear as a powerful logo. Nike is proof that that is simply not the case.

A Few Key Details About Nike Swoosh Logo Design

  • The renowned Swoosh logo was designed for $35!
  • Greek Goddess of Victory Was The Inspiration For The Swoosh Logo.
  • For a very long time, the Swoosh logo was red.
  • The design was repeatedly rejected.
  • Inspired By The Final Words Of A Serial Killer.

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Ending Note

Although it may seem like it, logo designs usually have a lot of thought put into them. It may seem like just an image in front of you but the amount of deliberation over that design. Logo designs are what you choose to world, and it captures the entire essence of the brand and what you are selling to the public. More than 78% of consumers believe that logos are works of art.

The Nike custom logo design has experienced its own highs and lows through time since it was founded in 1964. The beginning of the brand and the creation of the logo were rather innovative and intelligent. Therefore it paved it down to success in the modern sportswear industry. We have to point out that there are various people today who would not function without the brand’s products.

Another sign that the company has been thriving since its launch is that there are various replicas and knock-offs in the market. This makes you realize that they are nowhere near the quality and quantity of the product that Nike offers. If you want the original commodities, you would have to buy from the original company.

Your logo design should represent the luxury that you are about to offer, and no one can match up to it. Nike custom logo design is physical proof that even if you have a minimalistic design, you can be one of the largest companies in your industry.

If you want the perfect logo design then you need to understand your brand yourself before marketing it to the world. Moreover, if you want to portray your best to the world, you need to incorporate the best aspects onto your logo design, just like Nike.



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