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Instagram Marketing Trends You Must Be Acquainted Of In 2022 And Beyond 

Instagram Marketing

In 2022, it’s more than obvious that everybody, from children to adults, is using social media (just with a different purpose). It can be both fun and working space at once, and you can use it when you are bored or for business purposes. Instagram marketing is a real deal right now. It has already introduced so many features that can help you market your business pretty easily.

With the growing digital age, it’s possible that you may be thinking about what the future holds for social media platforms and the trends that could be useful to focus on. Without a doubt, Instagram has become one of the most valuable platforms of all time. With soaring popularity, it has grown to be on the list of top social networks for image and video sharing.

Interestingly, the number of active users is growing more and more, with 90% of users engaging with one company at least. While the percentage is above 200 million users who visit one business profile on a daily basis. However, with this kind of popularity, there is no doubt that a lot can happen in the coming years, certainly regarding marketing on Instagram trends.

We will talk about the Instagram marketing strategy and trends in 2022 and, in the coming years, as well as how to get your hands on trends.

How to market on Instagram and must-follow trends

Many digital marketing agencies are providing services for Instagram marketing to ensure the growth of businesses. Like iCreativeSOL, we offer fully-fledged social media marketing strategies to our clients. Mainly, we focused on the ongoing trends that hold the markets and include ground-breaking strategies for running any social media marketing campaign.

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Shopping features domination

It was fortunate for the marketers who wanted to use the platform as a marketing channel. Because we can see how it becomes so convenient to market your product or brand. Also, you can use the platform as an eCommerce channel. As you can see, their shopping in story feature (bag sticker) was introduced in 2019. The marketers can now put that bag sticker on any of their products to promote it.

Instagram shopping feature

This option made the task easy as marketers can target their audience with one click. Just place the shopping bag sticker on the product image, and people can get to your website to buy the product. While with the huge number of users, approximately 400 billion, targeting your intended audience is way more than convenient. So, make full use of it! Or contact a trustable Instagram marketing agency to help you out.

The increasing popularity of influencer marketing

If you are still confused about whether Instagram influencer marketing is worth your money and effort, then maybe you don’t really keep an eye on the trends. It is the most prevailing as a great number of brands trust influencer marketing. And 2022 was the fortunate year for the content creators in which Instagram brought a number of methods to gain profit via the channel.

According to a report, it’s a human psyche that they have faith in recommendations more than the brand itself. If I share my perspective, whenever I like a product, regardless of brand, the first thing I do is to check the reviews from other people. Now imagine using people who have a huge fan following and influence so many; the result will be startling. Just make sure you find the person relevant to your industry with a sizable following, and then you will see how your sales or conversion skyrocket.

Also, with the help of Instagram’s growing features, it now enables content creators to discover items for sale as well as share them with their fans. While in return for the purchases they promote, they will be compensated with commissions. So, don’t you think this is the better way, and Instagram marketing will get more popular in the coming years? What are you waiting for? Better get on this trend?

Widely available public participation features

With Instagram’s whimsical nature, it constantly finds ways to engage with its users. Because of the amazing features: from engaging Story stickers and emoji expressions to Instagram polling, the channel surely understands how to get people talking. And you can’t deny that Instagram generates a lot of discussions and has high engagement rates. At the same time, starting a genuine and constant debate is the gear to creating an interactive community.

Instagram public participation feature

Additionally, if you want to proceed towards increasing the engagement rate, why don’t you try the Instagram story feature? It allows your audience to give genuine opinions of what they think of your brand. And seemingly, this feature won’t be going away anytime soon! Because when I open Instagram, in 3 out of 4 peoples’ stories, it’s always either they are asking their followers about themselves or asking their followers what the general public thinks of them. Instagram marketing is another way to get your product or brand out there.

The popularity of Instagram video stories

If you are a thriving brand and want to increase engagement, Instagram marketing surely is the best way. Don’t think of the number of followers you have; post video stories to increase the engagement rate even if you don’t have a massive following. According to a study, brands post 15 to 16 Instagram stories in a month, but when someone posts five stories in a day, it increases the retention rate by 70%.

Instagram video stories

Interestingly, when we talk about Instagram, the massive video consumption year was 2021. Moreover, it was also found that videos were far more effective at conserving customers’ attention than the images. It implies that Instagram’s video story feature is gradually prevailing and will be more popular in the future as well.

Reels usage is a New Trend

You can now share brief, interesting videos on Instagram using the new Reels option. Instagram’s rival TikTok inspired the creation of the Instagram Reels function. Similar to TikTok, it features a function where you may upload small, interesting clips.

Instagram marketing reels

When posting a video, you can include many things such as stickers, emoji, text, filters, and, surprisingly, the music. Don’t waste any more time; turn to the Instagram reels to boost engagement and visibility all around the world.

Instagram carousels aren’t going anywhere

Instagram ad marketing is gaining popularity, and the one way to do it is through carousels. It has proved to be a great feature today as people are turning to the carousels. If we talk about 2017, the percentage was 3 to 4, but now it’s gaining popularity, exceeding 19.44. People tend to turn to this feature because it brings engagement.

As we know, Instagram enables marketers to include ten carousel slides simultaneously. It was revealed that when you merge images and videos, it increases the engagement rate.

Instagram carousels

Live content on Instagram is making its way

Instagram Live is one of the most prominent features. It gained popularity in the year 2021, as we know that it was the year when the pandemic was at its peak. And as per the observation, the pandemic forced people to discover new ways to communicate with each other. It’s not in human nature to be isolated for that long, while at the time Instagram live feature allowed them to connect when they had to maintain physical distance.

And now, you can see how the brands are taking advantage of the feature and promoting their products. Instagram marketing would be great for your brand if you want maximum engagement with your audience.

Essential analytics tools

Measure your Instagram marketing before even thinking about your Instagram budget. Analytical tools can assess your entire performance and compare your efforts to those of the competitors. In this approach, you may evaluate the success of your Instagram social media marketing strategies and, if not, you would know what has to be fixed.

Instagram Marketing Trends FAQs:

Is social media beneficial for business purposes?

Answer: Yes, as you can see, more and more people are turning toward social media for business purposes. As it indeed benefits marketers to grow their brand and boost visibility. You can promote your products to a vast number of audiences at once.

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Is it wise to opt for paid social media advertisement?

Answer: If it is difficult for you to spread awareness about your product, it’s best to go for paid social media advertising. It helps you get your product in front of your intended audience. But make sure you are not wasting your money by guaranteeing that your ideal audience mostly uses the platform you select.

What typical social media marketing errors should my company avoid?

Answer: Avoid practices like spamming, having numerous profiles on the social network, and scarcely interacting with your audience. Some of these actions make your audience confused, while others make them unfollow you openly and/or report you.

Bottom line 

Using Instagram for marketing your brand should be one of your marketing strategies if you want maximum results. You can avail Instagram marketing services when you are new to the platform but don’t neglect it as it can go a long way. The article was to make you understand the must-follow Instagram marketing trends so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Every year Instagram is growing increasingly, and it is predicted that this year and the coming years will be great for the platform and the people utilizing it. So, what do you think of using this platform for marketing purposes and to grow your brand? It indeed is a platform with so many possibilities.



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