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97 Years Of History And Evolution Of Audi Logo Design

Audi Logo design

Logo design is no doubt a piece of art and therefore it takes creativity, time, and a lot of energy to design the perfect graphic image to represent your brand. Designing a logo design is a process where you need to understand what your brand is all about before marketing the concept to the open public.

When you construct a custom logo it is vital for you to go back to your roots where you revive the main concept of your company and what you hope to present to the world. For instance, look at the Audi logo design, when you see those four intertwined circles together, even if you do not comprehend their meaning you know there must be some thought process behind them.

When you design your own logo design you should first and foremost keep this question in mind and that is: Why should your product or service be the one that your potential clients should invest in? That is not only showcased by your marketing but also a vital part of your brand image which is the custom logo design.

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Design Your Logo

There are great companies which have made their mark and they are rather distinguishable because of their logo designs and you yourself would recognize them anywhere. Custom logo designs like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike, Audi, McDonald’s and so many others have been in the market for quite some time but they held a certain standard that cannot be competed with till today and a major of that is their exquisite, well thought and thus well-designed logo designs.

History of the Audi logo design and its significance

Just like many other amazing brands, Audi is one of those that are considered rather luxurious and therefore rather well known. The Audi logo design has had its own evolution from the early 20th century.  Let’s travel back to the past and see how the company has evolved.

Audi logo history
Source: Pinterest

The meaning behind the Audi logo design

It is one of the most well-known brand names worldwide. Moreover, the world also recognized it by its infamous custom logo design. You may see the four circles as something insignificant but there is great meaning behind it; something that most people do not realize.

The four circles/ rings represent the four companies that joined together back in 1930. Audi, Horche, DKW, and Wanderer merged together to form the Auto Union. which is why they came up with the name Audi as the final name of the brand. It was not long before they reached new heights in the industry and soon became one of the best automobile companies in the world.

What we see today are simple yet elegant intertwined rings. However sometimes the company name “Audi” is also right in front of the interlaced circles in a sleek font.

Audi’s history

Audi originates from Germany which is renowned for providing luxury automobiles. Something that a lot of people are unaware of is that Audi is under a holding company which is known as the Volkswagen group. Audi is the subdivision of this group and was acquired in the 1960s.

when the company was relaunched that is when the Volkswagen company helped us to build the Audi logo design that we know today.

If we go back to the name’s origin, it was derived from the founder Horch which translates to listen in German and is further translated to Audi in Latin. The company uses the motto Being ahead of technology when they market their product.

You must have heard that companies change their logo design over time and various trends. Although this has happened to the Audi logo design as well it was more influenced by the when the company’s ownership and position changed through time. Let’s take a further look at its evolution.


Audi logo
Source: 1000 logos.net

When the company was not even launched the designer of that time constructed the Audi logo design is nothing like what is today. It was in a cursive font and the last letter extended to form an oval around the brand name. It was presented in a grayish color which not only showcased elegance but also professionalism at the same time.

However, before the company was launched the emblem changed. This was very different from the previous design. The new one has an overturned triangle which had the company’s name in an italic font. in it. On top of it was a semicircle which also had a number one badge attached to the top.

This was the year when the Audi logo design changed again. although this time they only tweaked the font. It was something that is quite similar to what we see today. The font was a little formal and was no longer slanted like its predecessor. This Audi logo design was used for almost 23 years; that was until the formation of 1932.


Audi logo design

It was the year when there were prominent changes in the logo design. something that had not been seen in many years. The merger resulted in the “Auto Union ” which includes the four companies and therefore a new logo as well. This new logo design held a lot of significance. The interlinked rings showcase the merger of the previously individual brands.

After a few years, in 1949 this version of the custom logo design was discontinued.

Even the text on the emblem changed and it was introduced as “Auto Union’ in simple sans serif typography.


Audi logo design
Source: logos-wolrd.net

Now we enter the year 1969 when the name of the Auto Union was finally and more importantly officially changed to “Audi”. it was after which the simple yet elegant was used. However this time they also added NSU with it;  both the words are confined in the black rectangle. Nevertheless, this design was discontinued in the same year. They removed the rectangular banner from the previous custom Audi logo design and encased it in a black oval instead and on top of that, they kept the four rings which changed to blue.


Audi Logo design
Source: Pinterst.com

Like various other brands of the time like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Audi also changed its colors from white and black to red and white instead. This time, the oval design incorporated the text in it. This design however had the typography in white and the oval in red. Moreover, the outline that encircled it was white and encased in yet another border of red.

In addition to that, the Audi logo design was again replaced with a newer version in 1995. This new design somehow reflects the one that we see today. It was given the 3D effect with the metallic shades added to it.

The wordmark under it was portrayed in red without the oval around it. The company’s designers came up with another update to the previous one. This time they added a glossier and shinier look to the metallic rings and the text was moved to the left-hand corner of the last circle. The brand name’s font size was decreased down a couple of knots and was showcased in the sans serif wordmark.


Audi logo design
Source: commons.wikkimedia.com

This brand redesign trend was something that a lot of companies were following at that time. They completely removed the wordmark and displayed the interlaced rings in bold and black.

The most significant Audi logo design changes transpired due to the company’s ownership and system changes. The Audi logo design meaning remains what it was at the initial launch of the Audi brand today.

When Audi joined forces with the other three other firms, the conclusion was to create the Auto Union. The four-ring design was a way to symbolize all the contributing companies.

Although the Auto Union label chose to use the title “Audi,” officially moving forward, the four-circle design became a representation of the origins of the business.


  • 1. What is a logo design 

Logo design is the operation of designing a logo that is interactive and attractive. More specifically, it is a strategy designed by companies to help people recognize their products and organization and give them a basis to choose their products over the competition.

  1. 2. What is the difference between logo design and branding 

Logo design is the process of designing a logo. Branding is the process of building a brand. To be more specific, it is a strategy designed by companies to help people to quickly identify their products and organization, and give them a reason to choose their products over the competition.

  1. 3. What are the four types of Logos?

  • Wordmark.
  • Lettermark. 
  • Brandmark.
  • Emblem.
  1. 4. What are the seven steps to designing a logo?

  • Develop your brand identity.
  • Look for design inspiration.
  • Choose colors that reflect your brand.
  • Pick a font.
  • Create several rough versions.
  • Get feedback.
  • Polish your winning design.
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Ending Note

When you see the four-ring custom Audi logo design, you also have an excellent insight into Audi’s history. The simplicity of the Audi symbol also means it’s much easier to remember than some alternative designs.

When you see Audi’s logo design even today you will recognize the infamous brand immediately. They are not only distinguishable to their older audience but interactive and attractive to encapsulate the coming generation. The overall Audi logo design look portrays a minimalistic yet modern look which is why it showcases luxury.

This is what enables you to design your custom logo design. Make sure that you are able to define your purpose and motive through that Audi logo design. A survey found that 26% of adults are more likely to trust a business if its branding or logo is familiar to them. Therefore hire a professional logo design company like ICreative so that our expert logo designers do all the hard work for you and make sure that we adhere to all your needs and requirements.



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