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Common Logo Design Myths You’ve Always Believed As Facts

Logo Design Myths

You must have heard a lot about the importance of a custom logo design for a company. But a significant number of people exaggerate the importance of professional logo design.

The article below discusses the myths about logo design that are not true. Furthermore, how you can choose a professional logo design company that realistically curates a logo for your brand.

A professional logo design is one of the essential elements of branding, but it is not a one-in-all branding solution. Let’s bust the logo design myths!

Top Logo Design Myths Debunked

1. A Logo Should Always Reflect the Operations of the Company

If the logo depicts the workings of a company, that’s cool. But it is not always necessary that your logo design reflects the company’s operations.

A logo can be anything, as long as it keeps maintaining the brand’s ethos.

The best example to consider here is the logo of Apple, which in no way represents the heavy technology products being sold by the company.

A professional logo design service provider understands it is not essential to include the business’s operations and make it look cluttered. Instead, they design it in a simple but unique way.

2. A Professional Logo Design Has to be Timeless

An old saying goes, “There is nothing permanent except change.”

As the brand grows, it expands into different industries or increases its product lines. At the same time, many sectors are very adaptive to change with technology and seasons. So the logo design goes old and is unrelated to the nature of business.

A good brand accepts that a logo can not remain the same always. It has to be changed over time by getting feedback from their target audience, which results in increased customer engagement, higher customer loyalty, and ultimately higher turnover in the business.

We have many examples of big global brands, such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and IBM, which did not shy away when it came to changing their logo design. Get yourself a custom brand logo design company that understands your company’s value and redesigns your logo accordingly.


3. Symbol Should be Used in Custom Logo Design

Another myth in the industry is that a logo design should always incorporate a symbol in it that is not backed by any solid argument.

While many brands have a symbol or logomark that differentiates them from other players in the market, it is not compulsory to include a logomark in your custom logo design to make it look unique and different.

A professional custom logo design agency knows when to add and when not to add symbols to the brand logo. A symbol should be used as a logo when a company wants to represent something important related to the brand.

4. A Logo Has to be Nice

It is always important that your custom logo design pleases everyone. It is one of the most common myths about logo design.


Whether people like or not like your logo has nothing to do with sales or the success of your company. You should greatly emphasize delivering the right products and rendering the correct services. This is what matters in the long-term success of your brand.

In short, a customer does not care about their brand’s logo rather, they are more concerned about what the company has to offer them and what value a customer can perceive from the brand.

5. Logo Designs Must Always Follow the Conventional Industry Styles

It is not always essential to follow in your industry’s footsteps before designing a logo for your brand. It seems pretty boring many times when you see almost the same symbols for all brands working in a specific industry.

Take the real estate sector, for instance; every business dealing in real estate has a house, hill, tree, or sunset which represents its brand. Therefore, to stand out from the crowd and make an impact in customers’ minds, one has to innovate!

This innovation helps kill the monotony, thus presenting a fresher brand image.

6. A Logo is the Least Important Element of Branding

While a large group of people advocates that a custom logo design is the most critical branding factor, there is an audience who considers logo design the least important aspect of branding.

Both extremes have wrong perceptions about logos. The key is to keep the balance.

A logo, undoubtedly, possesses immense importance in branding. It gives the first impression of your brand in the minds of your customers. So it has to be designed very intelligently and smartly by investing the right amount of resources for this objective.

7. A Perfect Logo Has to be Designed Before You Start Marketing

It is pointless to put lots of money into designing a logo before you start marketing to create that perfect logo for the brand. This way, brands can go insolvent even before starting the business because top logo designer services may charge heaps of dollars, unaffordable for the newbie company.

So it is vital to get your business and marketing services started with a good logo design, focus on the quality of your services, and design your perfect logo later when you can afford it.

We have examples of many companies who started their operations with a not-so-good logo, upgraded it later, and now their logo is worth billions of dollars.

The best example to describe this point is the Apple logo. The first Apple logo appears as Sir Isaac Newton reading a book and sitting under a tree while an apple was hanging on his head. The current Apple logo has been transformed into a simple bitten apple.


8. A Great Business Logo Design Takes Your Company to Insurmountable Heights

This is not true at all!

Higher quality service, customer satisfaction, and increased loyalty are a few of the factors that help you achieve peak success in the business. A logo alone, can never help you achieve that.

Success is a combination of many factors. A great logo design acts as a minimal ingredient in the recipe for success.

Though logo designs are essential, it is not the only thing organizations should be obsessed with!

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Ending Notes

These are some of the top logo design myths you need to be aware of before designing a logo for your brand. Logos are the face of your brand and thus part of your identity. It is wise to make sure that you put up the best front to interact and attract your potential audience. If they like what they see, there is a possible chance that they will search for your company and what you have to offer.



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