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8 Golden Rules for a Professional Logo Design

8 Golden Rules for a Professional Logo Design

8 Golden Rules for a Professional Logo Design

Who says “don’t judge a book by its cover”? People actually judge you by what you present in front of them, especially in your business. Presenting your company logo is not only for one time but the use and importance of the logo is much more than you expect. A beautifully identified, memorable, and professional logo design is what you need.

Although, the main purpose of logo design is also pointed out to express the business value. Many professional logo design companies help you to design a professional logo but do they know what your companies value? And what qualities do you need in your logo? What makes your logo unique and what variations do you need in your logo designs?

What Makes a Good Logo?

The logo is essential for business identification and building recognition whether for SMEs or high-level enterprises. While most features of your logo design will emerge as the project progresses, there are a few key logo design suggestions to take into account right from the beginning.
What makes a Good Logo

Simple – It is the ability of the logo design that makes a logo that covers more in less. A simple logo is a way to remember a long and convey the right message in it.

Representative – It should portray your business core value and the element you use should be ethical and way to represent your brand.

Timeless – For a long time logo, you will never go for trendy things. Because the trend will not remain the same but your logo should be.

Versatile – Your logo looks good on every platform, paper, stationery, etc. if your logo doesn’t adopt different sizes, your logo will not work for a long time.

Here are the 8 GOLDEN RULES for a professional logo design

There are countless firms that claim to provide “professional logo design,” but many of them don’t truly know what that means; the task is frequently entrusted to a young, unskilled student, and the logo isn’t recognized as a vital part of a comprehensive brand image.

I will not tell you how to choose your professional design company but will surely tell you a few golden rules for making a professional logo design. When you are familiar with the golden rules, you will ultimately demand perfect yet professional logo design services.

Rule 1: Seek Inspiration

Searching for ideas is always a good start for logo design, you can interact with your competitors’ logo, outside your industry, or trendy logos. But you have to just observe how they are applying ideas in a distinct way while blending others’ ideas. But make sure your logo will not reflect someone else’s logo.
Also, don’t depend on searches or other logos. Brainstorm some ideas, and think about the values and message that you want to portray in your logo.

Rule 2: Determine Your Logo Style

Any particular logo’s blend of features comes together to establish a unified design. By now, you’ve probably noticed that, like great art, a logo may take on a range of visual trends. While deciding on your logo’s aesthetic approach may seem natural, you should do it while considering the aspects of brand identification and the ideas you’ve gathered.

Is your brand considered classic? Then you could choose to opt for a logo that uses complex typefaces and simple color palettes. Is your company’s image minimalist? In that situation, you should avoid using intricate images and instead go for a contemporary logo design. Is your company trendy? Then there are bold abstract designs and modern logo layouts to choose from. Whatever style you prefer, understanding it before you begin the actual creative process will help you be on the watch for things that will make it come to life.

Rule 3: Choose Color Wisely

Colors are the most important element for your professional logo design. So, what do you like to choose, the number of colors or one color? I would suggest you go for one-color logo creation. Your logo color should be consistent to protect your brand persona. Color selections have an overall impact on the entire logo psychology as well. When working with a combination logotype, the appropriate blend will complement an abstract logo design and add diversity and dimension.

Choose color wisely

Rule 4: Pick The Types

Images are processed 60,000 times quicker than words in the human brain. This is why the majority of firms go for visually branded logos (Nuanced Media, 2014). Are you aware of the logo design types? There is a list of logo design types but it depends on you what you are choosing. If you want plain text, a mascot, wordmark, you should read types of logos and their benefits thoroughly.

Wordmark: Include letters in a specific typeface if your brand name is catchy and easy to remember.

Pictorial Logo Design: Also called brand mark logo based on a specific icon that comes in you remind instantly.

Emblem Logo Design: This logo feels like nostalgia or the traditional look of your brand. It depicts the iconic visual appearance.

Combination Logo Design: The combination of letters, text, or images will be included and it is good for beginners to try all in one frame.

Mascot Logo Design: If you need a cartoon-like character in your logo then you need an eye-catchy and super cool yet classy mascot logo.

Abstract Logo Design: An abstract logo is designed like a geometric form to create a completely distinctive image.

These are the few logo design types, but the logo design transforms the whole scenario with 2D & 3D and animated logo design services. Many logo design services companies offer you different types of professional and advanced logos such as iCreativeSOL.

Rule 5: Font Style Selection

Give personality to your logo design by choosing the right font with the right type of logo. It is very important to choose a font if you are picking wordmark, letter marks, or combination logotype. However, there are countless fonts that make it complex to choose what is the best fit for you. So, the most popular you can select and try for typography.

Rule 6: Brand Identity Enhancement

A brand identity is, in short, your company’s individual style and visual look that it uses to communicate its objective to the rest of the globe. You might say that your brand identity is the heart and soul of your company, and as such, it must be portrayed in both visual and textual form. With this in mind, your logo should match the rest of your brand’s identity.

Your brand comprises many other elements, such as a website, written content, and marketing materials, to mention a few. All of these components have one objective in common: to create a cohesive brand identity that will effectively represent and advertise your company.

Rule 7: Search The Trusted Platform

Refining the internet searches will help you to find the best logo design service company. See the portfolio, reviews, and schedule a meeting to conduct a consultation. If I make your long way short by recommending iCreativeSOL that have been serving for many years in digital marketing and branding. With iCreativeSOL, you can be aware of the predefined process of designing, a dedicated person for collaboration, a 100% money-back guarantee, a high-satisfaction level, and much more.

Rule 8: Refine The Result

Once the logo is ready, don’t hesitate to ask for a few edits, maybe you can get it in one shot as well. Polish your logo by thinking about more improvements in it. iCreativeSOL logo design services will help a lot to satisfy clients’ needs. If you are not happy (it doesn’t happen), they will return your money.

Bottom Line

Once the logo is ready, don’t hesitate to ask for a few edits, maybe you can get it in one shot as well. Polish your logo by thinking about more improvements in it. iCreativeSOL logo design services will help a lot to satisfy clients’ needs. If you are not happy (it doesn’t happen), they will return your money.


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